Difference between flour for cake and regular flour

If you are just a beginner in baking cakes, you will be confused when you see recipes that ask for a specific cake flour when we generally think that any type of flour can be used for baking. However, the type of flour used to bake cakes, desserts and bread makes a big difference in terms of results.

The most significant difference between flour and cake flour is the amount of protein they contain. The protein content in the flour influences the amount of gluten that is created while the flour is being mixed. Gluten is just strips of amino acids that make the flour more or less elastic when mixed with water and handled, since they are responsible for holding the air or gas that is created inside the dough while mixing. In other words, gluten is the element responsible for making the final result in the mace is spongy or hard depending on what we bake. Commonly, cake flour consists of 7-8% protein content while general flour consists of 11-12% protein content.

The climate also influences the amount of protein that wheat contains and normally, in the United States, the general flour is made from wheat that grows in the southern states and have the protein content of around 7.5-9.5% while the General flour that grows in the northern states have a protein content of around 11-12%.

Another difference is that cake flour is called weak because its main ingredient is soft wheat, while general flour is a combination of soft and hard wheat. The general flour can not be called “strong” since it could be said to be between strong and weak since it requires flour for bread that contains more strong wheat so that it can be called strong flour.

Also, the general flour is not finely ground as the flour for pate and therefore there is a difference in the texture of both flours. Some chefs and confectioners say that the flour is hydrochloric to make it more acidic and that it absorbs more quickly the water so that the cake rises and sits well.

If a recipe calls for cake flour specifically, it is best not to substitute it with any other type of flour, but if necessary there is a substitution formula: 1 cup of cake flour is equivalent to 1 cup minus 2 tablespoons of flour. Some people also say that you can add 2 tablespoons of cornstarch to the whole flour. You may also visit Difference betweenz to learn more about such similar terms and objects.

In Summary:

  • The biggest difference between both flours is the amount of protein present in each of them, which influences the gluten or the elastic quality of the flour. The cake flour have a low protein content, about 7-8% while the general flour about 11-12%
  • The cake flour is made from soft wheat while the general flour is a combination of both hard and soft wheat.
  • The cake flour is finely ground and sometimes chlorinated, contrary to the general flour.