Extend your Living Space with All-glass Garage Doors

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Imagine if you could have a good coffee outside while being protected by a spacious and bright shelter to receive your friends in the summer season. It is possible with a roofed terrace and solid walls, while being open to the outside with fully glazed garage doors. For more information, you may contact diy-garage-door-parts and to keep your garage door problems address properly.

The glazed garage door CALIFORNIA

It is quite possible to build a new room in your house that can offer great brightness and direct access to your yard. This extension of your kitchen or living room by an outdoor shelter with one or more garage doors will allow you to make the most of the summer, while being able to be habitable in all seasons.

Instead of installing sliding or folding doors, all glass doors (such as the California model) will surprise you with the brightness you are looking for. These garage door models are often used in bar-restaurants, but are now the trend for terraces covered with family homes.

How to get there

Most private homeowners prefer to expand their home than to sell at a loss and buy bigger. An extra room added at the back or side of the house provides more living space at a lower cost. But how to make this room a place of relaxation bright and open on the outside? By installing fully glazed garage doors that can be opened in summer for immediate access to the yard. A stylish and trendy terrace is created, for the happiness of the whole family! Adding large windows to the other walls of the room enhances the charm and sense of openness to the outdoors.

This space will be, moreover, usable in all seasons if it is heated. One can even add a gas or wood fireplace for more sophistication, which can also help keep family and friends warm while lowering the heating bill!

To give you an idea of ​​the size of the space required to build your extra room, estimate it at an area of ​​18 X 14 feet (5.5 X 4.3 m). The height varies, but often it is 9 feet (2.7 m). The beams forming the four corners of the structure have a dimension of 203 X 203 cm. Also, plan a concrete slab for the floor surface.

Depending on the roof slope you give this new room in your home, there is a way to install a system of rails that will raise the sectional garage doors. These rails will follow the higher or lower slope of your roof. The two overhead doors will cross the ceiling without touching. You can even power the doors while equipping them with a security system that will help you avoid accidents.

Benefits of a sectional door

The main advantage of using a sectional garage door is that it prevents you from having a door threshold to span. A fully glazed sectional garage door also helps protect you from the sun’s rays while letting in the light. Different types of glass are offered according to your needs: tinted, bluish, etc.

For more information on glazed garage doors

Contact us at DIY-Garage-Door-Parts for information on models of glazed garage doors or garage door openers available. We have been selling and installing garage doors for many years! We can advise you on the best choice in terms of glazed garage door and opener for your new construction. You can also send us a quote request online.