Parasitic STD’s & a Best Choice To Get Rid Of Them

Parasite Zapper

There are three kinds of sexually transmitted diseases; parasitic, bacterial and the viral. Examples of the bacterial STDs are gonorrhea, Chlamydia, syphilis and trichomoniasis. Antibiotics may be given to infected patients to eliminate the presence of the bacteria but recent researches by WHO proved that many parasitic organisms have ability to resist different types of antibiotic.

Viral STDs include HIV, herpes, hepatitis, and AIDS. Antiviral medications are usually given to patients by medical practitioner to cure this type of STDs. These medications cannot totally cure the disease but some extent it can control the spread to the other body organs of the patient.

And the third kind of STD is caused by parasites. One of these parasitic STDs is the scabies. It is a highly contagious infection caused by Sarcoptes scabiei, a tiny, eight-legged, whitish-brown  mite. This mite burrows into the skin and lays its eggs which hatch in three days and hence this start rapid growth. This parasite cause severe skin irritation, itchy rash and eruption. Happy Friendship Day Gift Ideas 2018.

This disease can easily transfer and it is most common among people in close contact with each others, especially children, mothers, and the elderly in nursing homes. Children and aged people are at highest risk due to weaken immune system. Scabies infections can be transmitted through sexual contact making the parasites transfer from one host to another. People may also be infected by contact with contaminated towels, clothing or bedding. Poor hygiene is also associated with increased risk for contraction. Symptoms includes severe itching, rashes, bumps between the fingers, in the skin creases of the buttocks and groin, inside the elbows, wrists, or knees, around the navel and nipples, on the feet, and on external genitalia. If the infected person will not get rid of the pathogens, the itching will intensify and may make the infection be spread to the other body parts of the infected person.

Here matter is that whenever an infected person took medicine and antibiotic to kill the pathogens of these diseases, he/she got relief for some time but with the passage of time infection appears again. Many infected people use lotions that contain lindane or crotamiton but this is not also a permanent solution.

Modern researches by CDC center for diseases control and WHO shows that when an infected person use some sort of antibiotic or other medicines the parasitic organisms gone in the state of dormancy. In dormant period these parasitic organisms build a strong protein shell around their body to resist against antibiotic and other medicines and hence they remains alive inside the infected person but symptoms disappear for some time. This protein layer scientifically named as protein coat. As symptoms disappears infected person then actually deceived that he/she got rid of the parasitic organism and okay. But when he she stops to take more antibiotic the germ battle again starts inside body. Now what is the solution to get rid of these pathogens? According to me Parasite Zapper by ParaZapper is the best product to kill all kinds of parasitic organisms from water based environment.